Lee McCormick is the founder and co-owner of the Ranch Recovery Center in Tennessee, where a holistic and spiritual approach to addiction is the focus. He founded Spirit Recovery, Inc., which produces Recovery Conferences, Sacred Journeys, workshops, and other recovery and personal growth experiences.

Lee is the author of The Spirit Recovery Meditation Journal and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul. He is an avid blogger at and has released a trailer for his upcoming documentary "Dreaming Heaven".

Lee is a partner and co-creator of the Dreaming House in Teotihuacán, Mexico; a group retreat center at the foot of the pyramids.

His pursuits also include being a certified chemical dependency counselor, spiritual teacher, and Toltec Guide trained in the tradition of the Eagle Knight lineage of don Miguel Ruiz.

Lee his wife and children reside between their ranches in Tennessee and their home in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico , as well as the Dreaming House in Teotihuacán Mexico.

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